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Retool 2.71.15


We’ve completely overhauled the undo/redo system in the Retool editor. You can now reliably undo and redo nearly any action, including:

  • Creating, renaming, or deleting components and queries
  • Editing queries or component properties
  • Any layout operation (including copy and paste)


The History modal lets you view changes and revert apps to a prior state. Until now, the list included many entries (e.g. “minor changes”) that made it difficult to pinpoint exactly what had changed. We’ve added human-readable descriptions for every action and consolidated entries, making it easier than ever to identify your changes and jump back to the right moment.

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved load times for our components
  • Fixed S3 download queries that would fail for certain file types
  • Fixed an inconsistent default sticky header setting
  • Fixed the utils.downloadPage API
  • Fixed Snowflake queries to correctly estimate their size
  • Improved error messages for bulk user invites
  • Added the ability to ⌘+click (CTRL+click) on a query, component, or state name inside {{ }} to see its value in the model browser
  • Improved permissions for resource creation
  • Fixed queries triggered by a Navigation component in a Module

Enterprise plan

  • Added a configuration option to disable public pages
  • Added a new page–Environment Variables–in Settings for debugging (Beta)
  • Protected apps
    • Added the ability to protect and unprotect apps from the actions menu
    • Fixed the commit changes modal to display changes since the last commit, instead of against the main branch
    • Improved autogenerated PR descriptions

Check out this guide to see the on-prem versions and their release notes.