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Retool 2.73.1


Switching between edit and preview is now much snappier! When building an app in Retool, you’ll often jump back and forth between editing your app and previewing what it looks like for your end users. We’ve just shipped some big performance improvements to the path:

Performance is always top of mind for us. In an effort to make every app load faster, we’ve leveraged code splitting to reduce the size of our main Components bundle by 63%. Now, your apps only pay a performance cost for the components you use. We have several engineers focused on burning down a list of similar improvements to app performance–drop us a note at if there are parts of Retool you want us to focus on!

Fixes and improvements

  • Added a keyboard shortcut ⌘ + U (CTRL + U) to toggle the right panel (Inspector) open/close
  • Added a keyboard shortcut ⌘ + . (CTRL + .) to toggle open/close whichever panels you’re currently using
  • Fixed localStorage.setValue so that it will no longer trigger queries that depend on other keys in local storage
  • Added the ability to write a table name dynamically in Snowflake GUI mode queries
  • Improved performance of evaluating dependencies (e.g. component/query references) in applications
  • Enabled search by component type in the Event Handlers component dropdown
  • Improved REST API queries to respect the DBCONNECTOR_QUERY_TIMEOUT_MS setting
  • Improved the pop out code editor to maintain the cursor position of its in-line editor
  • Protected Apps (Enterprise plan)
    • Added additional logging for syncing single pages
    • Fixed incorrect links to pages in the releases and history modal