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Retool 2.90.3

Fixes and improvements

  • Added support for "Auto" height on Modules
  • Improved drag-and-drop so that components roughly maintain their sizes when dragged into Container components
  • Fixed the user "Download as CSV" so that the last active date always appears
  • Added validate and clearValidation APIs for the Form component
  • Improved selection in the Table component such that selected rows will now be selected and deselected correctly while filtering
  • Fixed the Date Time component so that the Date subfield correctly persists its value
  • Fixed alignment in the query editor for REST API queries
  • Added a new "Reset state" action to the component context menu
  • Fixed an edge case the Select component would unexpectedly reset the input value when connected to a dynamic datasource
  • Fixed an edge case where adding Chart components to empty List View components would cause the editor to crash
  • Fixed an edge case where scrolling a Select component in a Modal component would sometimes scroll the application
  • Fixed multiple component selection so that text isn't additionally selected

Check out this guide to see the on-prem versions and their release notes. These fixes and improvements will be rolling out to on-prem customers in the next few weeks.