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Retool 2.91.4

Introducing the Explorer

We’re rolling out a redesigned left panel that makes it easy to navigate to anything in your app from one place. See everything on the canvas in the Components section, or create and manage queries, transformers, and temporary state from the Code section. The Model Browser is still available via the State tab.

The Component Tree gives you a full view of everything in your application, including things that aren’t currently visible, such as components in non-active Views in a Tabbed Container. Clicking on the item will select it, and will handle cases such as making its containing views active, or making the hidden item visible!

You can take quick actions on your components, such as renaming them inline, or right-clicking on them to bring up their full context menu.

We’ve also made the Left panel resizable to give editors greater control of their experience and visibility into the state of their application.

Creating and managing Temporary state has moved into the unified Code section, along with the rest of your existing Resources. Editing a Temporary state value has moved into the Bottom panel, streamlining the editing experience.

The Explorer is available to all of our cloud customers and will be rolling out to on-premise customers in the coming weeks! Let us know if you have any feedback in the community forum.

Fixes and improvements

  • Added support for "Auto" height on the List View component
  • Added support for "Auto" height on the Table component, with a max height of 20 rows
  • Added a Slack query setting to override the channel or user the message will be sent to
  • Added a Slack query setting to convert Markdown to Slack's non-standard "mrkdwn" format
  • Improved the Table component such that columns now include a dropdown that lets you specify "sort ascending" or "sort descending" more easily
  • Added support for arrow keys to navigate between sections of the Table component
  • Improved the visual appearance of the Table component's header cells
  • Improved the Google Sheets query editor such that it now parses columns with headers but no cell data, and columns with empty and non-empty cell data
  • Added a default spreadsheet selection to the Google Sheets query editor
  • Fixed component and query renaming to prevent using invalid identifiers that could cause the app to crash
  • Fixed an edge case where custom document titles would sometimes not appear
  • Improved Table keyboard navigation to make the behavior for scrollable tables match paginated tables
  • Fixed the ordering of Table component's action button queries so that they're correctly triggered before row select event handlers
  • Fixed an edge case where queries that reference transformers would not run on page load, even if specified
  • (On-prem only) Fixed OAuth 1.0 implementation to generate token header even when no token secret is supplied
  • (On-prem only) Improved the LDAP group mapping feature so that you can map a single google group to multiple retool groups (using the LDAP_ROLE_MAPPING env variable)

Check out this guide to see the on-prem versions and their release notes. These fixes and improvements will be rolling out to on-prem customers in the next few weeks.