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Retool 2.94.4

Fixes and improvements

  • Added a setting to append new files when using Multiselect on any file input

  • Fixed handling of file inputs in the SMTP attachment setting
  • Updated components to render captions even when a label is not provided
  • Added a "Load" event to the Video component
  • Added a "Click" event to the Statistic component
  • Added a setting for "Default date" on the Calendar component
  • Removed the App-specific global CSS setting from Modules
  • Fixed a bug where Select and Multiselect would show a clear button when no value was selected
  • Fixed styling issues with empty state text on Listbox components
  • Fixed custom auth modal behavior to let users authenticate into more than one custom auth resources

Check out this guide to see the on-prem versions and their release notes. These fixes and improvements will be rolling out to on-prem customers in the next few weeks.