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Retool 2.97.1

Fixes and improvements

  • Updated icons throughout the product
  • Fixed cases where the isFetching property on a JavaScript Query would be incorrect
  • Updated the "Go to app" event handler to allow selecting the current app
  • Fixed an issue causing Enter in a Select component to submit the parent Form
  • Improved type casting for date time properties
  • Added support for numeric prefix text on Selects and Listboxes
  • Fixed Style Editor labels for theme colors like "Primary"
  • Fixed rendering of Segmented Control components with no options
  • Reduced the clickable area on the Link component
  • Fixed default label mappers on Dropdown Button and Split Button
  • Fixed a bug where the in-app auth modal didn't appear for older Salesforce and Snowflake resources
  • Added option to skip TLS certificate validation for resources using connection string configuration
  • Fixed an issue causing query.error to be unavailable in error event handlers