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Retool 2.98

New components

  • Image Grid: Display multiple images from a list of URLs or base64-encoded images, with support for captions and multiple layout settings.
  • Page Input: Click to navigate to the next and previous pages, or type to jump to any page number.
  • Link List: Display multiple links in a vertical list with support dynamic or static data sources.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue where workspaces in menus did not highlight
  • Updated the Scanner component to close the camera stream when not in use
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a query to be triggered when switching Container views in the Inspector
  • Fixed falsy form.initialData values not updating their corresponding input component
  • Fixed an issue blocking code evaluation for dependencies of certain disabled queries on app load
  • Improved date editing behavior in the Date Range component
  • Updated the setImageUrl api on Image to support nullish values
  • Improved initial render performance of Table
  • Fixed fx mode for attachments in SMTP queries