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Retool 2.98.1

Fixes and improvements

  • Updated color palette for Retool UI
  • Fixed a bug where null would sometimes be treated as undefined in a JavaScript Query
  • Fixed autocomplete suggestions when using optional chaining
  • Added support for copy/cut/paste shortcuts in the Components tree in the Explorer
  • Fixed an issue with menu highlighting in the Query Library
  • Fixed an issue preventing certain Table rows with fixed columns from being selectable
  • Fixed Steps labels color when on a dark background
  • Added a smaller "Dense" row height option to Table
  • Fixed overflow of long labels in the option list editor
  • Fixed component paste position when the Main frame is selected
  • Fixed the setting for Markdown link behavior in App Settings
  • Added alert on editor when attempting to save a cyclic module dependency
  • Adds skip TLS checkbox for Redshift
  • Improved invite flow to no longer suggest inaccessible permission groups when inviting new members into an organization