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Retool 2.99

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue where converting an App to Module caused issues with queries in folders
  • Added a beta AlloyDB resource integration
  • Changed permissions page title to reflect the url slug
  • Added a _scrollIntoView _API for most components
  • Updated Table to show up to 100 rows in auto mode, as well as use the scroll overflow option
  • Fixed an issue where Link List, Dropdown Button, and Split Button would show numbers as labels when no labels were provided
  • Fixed showNextView & showPreviousView for Container when view keys are numbers
  • Fixed typo in Max cache duration. 86400 seconds is 1 day not 1 hour.
  • Fixed a bug where a Link component with only an icon and no text did not render in Safari
  • Fixed a bug where setting a debounce value on the Submit event of a Form prematurely cleared the form's values
  • Improved Table keyboard navigation performance