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Retool 2.99.1

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bug where 'Data source' for a Tag (Dropdown) column in a Table would be incorrectly validated
  • Added a Refresh event handler to Table that is fired when the refresh button is clicked
  • Fixed Table so the selected row and focused cell will no longer be able to get out of sync
  • Fixed visual inconsistencies when viewing an app in Public mode
  • Support sorting numerical values in Single Tag column type in the Table component
  • Fixed Multiselect not showing the search input when filtering options
  • Updated icons for Single Tag column type in Table
  • Fixed "Download image" action for Image URL Table columns
  • Changed Icon's min height to 2 rows and added focus states for clickable Icons
  • Improved GCS query editor set metadata function to support editing the fixed key metadata of an object
  • Fixed GCS query editor to update state when access level input is deselected
  • Fixed bug where module's components would appear in delete dialog when deleting a container with a module