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Cloud-hosted Retool 3.1

Cloud-hosted Retool has been updated with the following changes. These changes will also be available in a future release of Self-hosted Retool.


  • Added an Auto height mode to Table components.
  • Added an option on the advanced settings page to opt out of the AI support bot.
  • Added an option to disable server-side preparation for Presto resources.
  • Added an option to the Table component to include all column values in changesetArray.
  • Added a one-tap Zebra DataWedge Setup flow to the in-app settings screen on Retool Mobile.
  • Added a screen in Settings to test configurations for Zebra devices for Retool Mobile.
  • Added currentRow to mapped row action fields in Table components.
  • Added Markdown support for tooltips.
  • Added more formatting options for Number, Currency, and Percent columns in Table components.
  • Added Retool Email to the reporting onboarding template for Retool Workflows.
  • Added style options to Dropdown Button components.
  • Added support for grouping rows in Table components.
  • Added syntax highlighting for matching brackets.
  • Added the ability to duplicate resources.
  • Added the option in the Inspector to set default filters on Table components.
  • Added the option to dynamically set the Row selection mode in Table components.


  • Fixed an issue related to push notifications for self-hosted deployments using Retool Managed Whitelabel Apps on iOS.
  • Fixed an issue that caused toolbar event handlers to be removed when unrelated toolbar buttons were deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where access and secret keys were not cleared out in AWS resources when the default provider was selected.
  • Fixed an issue where an additional redirect would occur when Cloud users logged in and out on their organization's subdomain.
  • Fixed an issue where an infinite spinner would show in the form generator when a schema failed to load on Retool Mobile.
  • Fixed an issue where environment query parameters were not set in the latest runtime.
  • Fixed an issue where events added from the form generator were not immediately reflected in the editor pane in Retool Mobile.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering in Table components would not appropriately filter grouped rows.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect custom styling was applied to Filter components.
  • Fixed an issue where navigation styles were not recursively applied.
  • Fixed an issue where new variables could not be created in custom authentication.
  • Fixed an issue where number input changes in Table components were not committed.
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally Save actions could not be added to Table components.
  • Fixed an issue where OpenAPI schemas would not load for YAML spec files.
  • Fixed an issue where OpenAPI specs would not show in workflow templates.
  • Fixed an issue where Query Library queries could not be selected in apps.
  • Fixed an issue where REST API paths were sometimes incorrectly cased.
  • Fixed an issue where Retool Database settings were not able to be saved.
  • Fixed an issue where reverting to a release would occasionally fail.
  • Fixed an issue where selectedRow and selectedSourceRow properties in Table components were not updated when data changed.
  • Fixed an issue where some apps were occasionally hidden after logging in on small screens.
  • Fixed an issue where tap events did not work in preview mode on Retool Mobile.
  • Fixed an issue where the example input JSON in the Workflows start block did not accept JavaScript objects.
  • Fixed an issue with feature gating of public apps.


  • Improved pagination in the Table component by removing server-side dependency cycles and resetting pages when they no longer exist.
  • Improved the prioritization of autocomplete results.
  • Improved the Retool logo, new and beta tags, and header on Retool home and settings pages.
  • Improved the styling of login pages using custom logos.
  • Improved the styling of reset password failure emails.


  • Removed the border next to the dropdown in Select components.
  • Removed the "Retool menu without branding" option in the Customize Retool user menu settings.