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Cloud-hosted Retool 3.15

Cloud-hosted Retool has been updated with the following changes. These changes will also be available in a future release of Self-hosted Retool.


  • Added a button for adding a resource when the code list is empty.
  • Added an onboarding panel for Retool Workflows.
  • Added an option for downloading workflow run logs.
  • Added an option to the command palette to view documentation for queries.
  • Added options to the command palette for displaying Show on mobile and Show on desktop settings.
  • Added support for SSO token lifespan in SSO settings.
  • Added support for configuring a custom logout redirect URL to SSO settings.
  • Added support for configuring a default user group for specific domains within SSO settings.
  • Added support for non-pixel border radius styles to fall back to pixel values.


  • Fixed an issue where configuration variables weren't replaced when using certain legacy OAuth fields.
  • Fixed an issue where module settings were closed when using an unpinned Inspector.
  • Fixed an issue where switching branches while editing a protected query in the Query Library resulted in wrong query values.
  • Fixed an issue where tables with auto-height enabled did not account for summary rows.
  • Fixed an issue where the REQUEST_PASSWORD_RESET_LINK event wasn't displayed in audit logs.
  • Fixed an issue where the height of HTML components were set to zero.
  • Fixed an issue with mobile layouts in web applications.


  • Improved caption styles for Listbox components so they derive settings from the label color.
  • Improved drag and drop performance in the App editor.
  • Improved modal style controls so they accurately set styles for nested items.
  • Improved the formatting for summary and aggregate cells in Table components.
  • Removed password login for admins on SSO enabled organizations.
  • Removed public links from apps that have been moved to the trash bin.