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Cloud-hosted Retool 3.32

Cloud-hosted Retool has been updated with the following changes. These changes will also be available in a future release of Self-hosted Retool.


  • Added support for customizing Adornment text on Input components.
  • Added link underline style options to the Link, Toggle Link, Link List, Table, and Key Value components.
  • Added the Indicator label style to the Segmented Control component.
  • Added the Indeterminate property to the Progress Circle component.
  • Added the Height property to the Radio Group and Checkbox Group components.
  • Added support for drawers and modals to modules.
  • Added more style options to the Breadcrumb component.
  • Added prefix text, suffix text, prefix icon, and suffix icon to the Phone Number Input component.
  • Added support for uploading duplicate files to Retool Storage.
  • Added support for label wrapping to the Key Value component.
  • Added hover and active color style options to all button components.


  • Fixed an issue with editing JSON column type data in the Table component.
  • Fixed an issue where timezone formatting was not included in the formattedValue property in the state inspector.
  • Fixed an issue where including time zone tokens in the Time format string on Date Time components would always show the local time zone instead of the configured display time zone.
  • Fixed an issue with the Select component where the readOnly property may not behave as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the Add components modal may not appear for apps with no components.
  • Fixed an issue with nested item scope in the List View component.
  • Fixed an issue where bulk deletion of apps may not work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue with vertical alignment of the Status component.
  • Fixed an issue where the Navigation component may not use the correct color on hover.
  • Fixed an issue with the Form component where resetting input values to initial data may not work if setData() had been called.
  • Fixed an issue where debugging tools may stop responding when attempting to view theme state.
  • Fixed an issue with the JSON Schema Form component where using anyOf may not behave as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where setValue() may not function correctly when using array values.


  • Improved the appearance of the Tabs component when using a dark theme.
  • Improved the default color values of the Chart component.