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Cloud-hosted Retool 3.33

Cloud-hosted Retool has been updated with the following changes. These changes will also be available in a future release of Self-hosted Retool.


  • Added support for array elements to Table component icon formats.
  • Added the Row separator color style option to the Table component.
  • Added the Timestamp and Input border radius style options to the Chat component.
  • Added the Button style option to the Chat component header.
  • Added support for collaborative branches in Source Control.
  • Added support for Anthropic claude-2.1 and claude-instant-1.2 AI models.
  • Added the Adornment Icon Color style option to input components.


  • Fixed an issue with Toolscript exports.
  • Fixed an issue where placeholder text for Select and Multiselect components may not adjust to the current app theme.
  • Fixed an issue with Date input components where formattedValue did not include timezone formatting,


  • Validation error messages use the app theme's danger style option.