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Cloud-hosted Retool 3.7

Cloud-hosted Retool has been updated with the following changes. These changes will also be available in a future release of Self-hosted Retool.


  • Added a new code editor for JSON.
  • Added an options parameter to fileUtils.parseXLSX.
  • Added the ability to resize columns in the results pane for Retool Workflows.
  • Added the ability to set a default region on an organization and override it for individual resources.
  • Fixed an issue where certain template expressions caused incorrect dependencies.
  • Fixed an issue where increasing the number of instances in a nested list view would cause components to render incorrectly.


  • Fixed an issue where lint errors in code editor template strings would incorrectly display.
  • Fixed an issue where organizations using two-factor authentication could have issues allowing users to automatically join.
  • Fixed an issue where the Table component's overflow tooltip would unnecessarily show.
  • Fixed an issue where the branding page was being incorrectly shown to organizations on certain plans.
  • Fixed an issue where timestamps for Firestore resources were not standardized.
  • Fixed an issue with code editor validation for color inputs in the Table component.
  • Fixed an issue with encryption for config variable values.


  • Improved syntax highlighting on various components.