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Retool Cloud updates for 7 March 2019

Copy and paste components between apps

  • Copy & paste entire components from one app to another!

Visual cue for staging environment

  • Added a yellow banner for both Editor and Presentation modes when staging mode is selected
  • Only available for apps that have a staging environment configured

Visual cue for staging environment


  • Start, stop, resume, and reset a stopwatch-style timer timer component

New & Improved

  • Added triggeredby``Id attribute to manually-triggered queries so you know what triggered it
  • Added button to Settings > Advanced page to download Retool’s public key for git syncing
  • Added support for auto-pagination for DynamoDB resources
  • Added ability to specify GCS bucket in resource editor
  • Added ability to specify more than 1 permitted file type for S3 Uploader components
  • Added onchange query trigger for Radio Group components
  • Added write-back capability for BiqQuery resources
  • Added setValue function to Editable Text component
  • Added autocomplete for JS query utility libraries
  • Now displaying hints for common SQL query gotchas in query editor
  • Various performance improvements for big Retool apps
  • Better UX in Query Playground for long queries