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Augment any software with Retool Embed and Retool Portals

We're expanding beyond internal tools so you can build nearly any software for your business with Retool.

With this launch, we're adding two new products to help you:

  • Ship a secure, custom portal: Build and host portals for your customers, partners, and vendors fully on Retool with Retool Portals which manages signup, authentication, and permissions out of the box.
  • Augment existing software: Quickly add data and CRUD functionality to an existing app or portal with Retool Embed.

Both Retool Portals and Retool Embed are now available across Business and Enterprise plans.

To learn more about how Embed and Portals are changing the way you can build with Retool, watch the overview video.

You can read integration details in the docs to embed your first Retool app or build an end-to-end portal on Retool.