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Lower pricing to make Retool more accessible to more teams

Today we announced major changes to our pricing to make Retool more accessible to as many teams as possible. Here’s what we’ve updated:

  • Instead of charging the same price for any user at your company, we now charge different rates for Standard users (people who build apps in Retool) and a significantly lower amount for End users (people who only view or use Retool apps).
  • We’re also adding an annual billing option to our Team and Business plans so that you can pay annually and get an additional 20% discount per user.
  • And, we’re introducing a Self-hosted Business plan for teams that prefer to self-host and need more granular permissions, audit logs, reusable modules, and other security features. To access these new plans, make sure to upgrade your Self-hosted Retool deployment to v2.117 or later. Existing Free, Team, and Business plan customers can switch over to the new plans from your billing page at any time and we expect that many of you will find that the new pricing better meets your team’s needs. If you’d like to stay on your current plan, there’s no action required—your current plan will still be available until the end of 2024 and we’ll provide plenty of notice before then. To learn more, check out our pricing page.