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2.66.5 Performance improvements, table features, beta updates, and fixes


  • Added support for custom SSL options in the** gRPC** integration

  • Improved how we handle errors in the OpenAPI integration

  • Added option to configure Table components to hide the refresh button in its footer.

  • Added support for frozen columns in the **Table **component

Protected Applications (Beta)

  • Added branch management interface to the editor
  • Fixed issue where renaming or moving apps would not sync to git repos
  • Fixed issue opening pull requests in GitHub Enterprise

Layout (beta)

  • Holding CMD will block component interaction and allow you drag and drop components without having to worry about triggering side effects

  • Selecting a hidden components will make the component visible automatically. Performance improvements

  • Apps with larger numbers of concurrent queries (5+) should see significant improvements in the responsiveness of the application when the queries are running.

Modules beta

  • Modules will inherit the permissions sets of their host app. This means that end users will be able view modules used in apps even if they have not been granted explicit view access to those modules.
  • Importing an app with modules will also automatically recreate missing modules that are needed by that app.


  • Fixed issue where exporting apps on a non-main branch in the protected application workflow would still export the main branch

  • Fixed an issue where OAuth2 flows that had “skip Retool consent screen” turned on was incorrectly interpolating variables

  • Fixed issue where the id token was not being refreshed in the OAuth2 refresh

  • Fixed issue where the Github API Base URL was not visible in the protected apps settings

  • Fixed issue where importing apps would stop working

  • Fixed issue where the Rich Text Editor would be blurred unexpectedly

  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to disable beta experiments