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Introducing Preview Mode: One-click preview for builders ▶️

Previewing an app used to require navigating to presentation mode and waiting for all the queries to reload. Today we’re launching Preview Mode, a faster way to preview apps directly in the editor without automatic query re-runs!

You can access Preview Mode by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the editor, or using the Option+Command+Enter keyboard shortcut.

Along with this new Preview Mode, we’ve also released some changes to the app header.

Updated share modal

You can now select viewer app links of the latest release or live release to share with your organization.

Consolidated app details and documentation

You can now edit all page information by clicking the app title. This includes the app title and description, Editor README, and end user documentation.

Quick access to resetting app state

To make resetting the app state easier, we’ve added a button on the Status Bar at the bottom of the editor. This can also be accessed using the Option+Command+R keyboard shortcut, or in the App actions menu. We’ve also made this action more clear by renaming it from “Reload all queries” to “Reset app state.”