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2.39.7 Query caching and more

Query Caching

  • Added query caching as a way to optimize the performance of Retool apps.
  • Queries can have its results cached for up to one day (the cache TTL)
    • The first time you run a cacheable query, it will run the query normally and then remember the query result.
    • Anytime anybody runs the query again the remembered result gets returned instantly.
    • The remembered result is deleted after the cache TTL expires.
  • You can configure this option in the "Advanced options" section of the query editor.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 7.36.17 AM.png

Retool community!

New and Improved

  • Added lastUploadedFileName to the S3 Uploader component. Works similarly to the lastUploadedFileUrl.
  • Added live warnings to make it easier to write Javascript scripts.
  • Added a utils.downloadFile function to Javascript scripts. Use this to with API queries that return pdfs / docx / xlsx / etc. to download the files returned. Docs here.


  • Changed the MongoDB insertOne queries to also return the created object, including the MongoDB _id.
  • Fixed deadlink on the Permissions dashboard.