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2.39.2 RethinkDB, Lambda Integrations, and more

RethinkDB Integration

  • Added RethinkDB as a Retool integration.
  • Run get, insert, update, delete, and find queries on your database.
  • Let us know what else we can add.

Lambda Integration

  • Added AWS Lambda as a Retool integration.
  • Invoke lambda functions with whatever payload you need.
  • See more info in our docs here.


  • Added support for sharded Microsoft SQL Server databases.
  • Improved the user management screen in Retool. Disabled users are greyed out, and we show accurate last active dates for each user.


  • Fixed how Custom Auth API integrations work in staging environments
  • Fixed how non-string values are passed in FormData API requests.
  • Fixed error that Slack webhooks would return in on premise Retool.
  • Disabled overly aggressive cache headers in on premise Retool.
  • Fixed editing JSON columns in editable tables.