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We've supercharged the Table component

New Table component

We rebuilt the Table component to improve customizability, and scalability for our customers. The new Table is capable of rendering, updating, and scrolling through hundreds of thousands of rows and hundreds of columns with diverse data types fast.

It also features deeper customization options:

  • Data manipulation (filtering, sorting, pagination) works out-of-the-box and can be configured client- or server-side.
  • Advanced filtering and sorting options, such as nested filtering and multi-column sort.
  • Primary key configuration to maintain state (like Row selection, or change set) through complex filters, sorts, and pagination operations.
  • More intuitive Tag (dropdown and multiselect) columns with the option list editor.
  • Column-level event handlers.
  • Toolbar actions for more opportunities to perform action with table data.
  • Redesigned action buttons, more intelligent defaults (including column width and type), cell captions, column header tooltips.
  • Smoother editable cell interactions and improved keyboard shortcuts.

The new Table component is available today and replaces the previous Table component. Existing customers can continue to use the previous version, which is available as the Table (legacy) component.

Check out our docs or the migration guide to get started. To learn more about building a data-driven dashboard with the new Table component, check out the following walkthrough.