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Retool Storage

Learn about Retool Storage, a Retool-hosted file store for cloud-hosted organizations.

Data limits

Retool Storage includes up to 5 GB of storage per organization. Files can be up to 40 MB each.

Retool Storage is a Retool-hosted file store for cloud-hosted organizations. Using Retool Storage, you can upload and download files and use them in your apps and workflows.

Refer to the quickstart or Interact with files documentation to learn more about using Retool Storage.

Files schema

Retool file objects, such as files stored in Retool Storage, use the following schema:



The name.



The name.



The type of content or action to perform.





Some components, such as Image and PDF, have built-in support for files on Retool Storage. Select Storage as the Source and then select the file to use.

File access

By default, files stored in Retool Storage are only accessible to your users. To allow a file to be publicly accessible, from the Retool Storage resource page, select the ... menu, then Make public. From Retool Storage queries, select Make file public on upload.

You can access file URLs in file upload queries, file list queries, or from the Retool Storage resource page. From Resources > Retool Storage, select a file's ... menu, then Copy file URL.

You can then use file URLs as source URLs in Image and PDF components in apps.