Keyboard shortcuts

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Editor keyboard shortcuts

Retool includes a variety of keyboard shortcuts for application editors, which you can access by typing ? while in the Retool editor. You can use these to work through common activities like copy and pasting components, undoing and redoing edits, and toggling the left, right, and bottom panels.

List of keyboard shortcutsList of keyboard shortcuts

Custom keyboard shortcuts

Additionally, you can define custom keyboard shortcuts to trigger queries, navigate through tables, update inputs, and more. These custom-defined shortcuts are available to end users of your application.

Step 1: Navigate to the Editor and select Custom Shortcuts

Step 2: Add custom keyboard shortcuts

By default, Retool recognizes special keys (e.g., command, ctrl, shift, option), so you can get creative with actions in your application. You can also use the && operator to tie actions together.

Custom keyboard shortcutsCustom keyboard shortcuts

Note: Retool only supports keyboard shortcuts for MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

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