Setup Retool in your own VPC.

Retool can be self-hosted in 5 minutes.

Why deploy self-hosted?

If you're like us, you probably have a lot of data that is only accessible from your private network (locally or behind your VPN). That's why we built the self-hosted version of Retool.

This 5-minute guide will help you set up a trial of self-hosted Retool locally or on your own cloud infra. This requires command line experience. If you're looking to get started with Retool’s SaaS product without worrying about installing software, go here.

How to deploy?

There are two ways to try Retool self-hosted:

1. Self-serve self-hosted deployment

  • When to use? Self-serve self-hosted is for small teams to get started quickly with Retool on their own infrastructure. Users can choose between our Free and Team plans.
  • How to get started? Sign up here and select your deployment option.

2. Enterprise trial

  • When to use? For customers that are evaluating a large production use case or need any of the features on our Enterprise plan.
  • How to get started? Book a call to get an enterprise key.


A license key is required enterprise self-hosted deployments.

Book a call to get an enterprise key.

Deployment options

You can deploy Retool locally or on your own cloud infra using Docker, Kubernetes, Heroku, or Render. If you're not sure what to use, use Docker.

  1. Local deployment
  2. Docker deployment
  3. Kubernetes deployment
  4. Heroku deployment
  5. Render deployment

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