Connect your data sources and use your data in Retool apps.

You can connect almost any data source and make it available as a resource for your apps. Retool provides built-in integrations for you to automatically connect different types of data sources with minimal configuration.

Once connected, your can write queries that interact with your data in all of your apps.

Supported resources

Retool supports most databases and REST, GraphQL, or SOAP APIs. You can connect to many popular types of data sources using our integrations. If you need to use data from internal sources or other platforms, you can connect to an API or database manually.

Create a resource

Each resource represents a connection to a data source. To create a new resource:

  1. Sign in to Retool.
  2. Select the Resources tab.
  3. Click Create new > Create a new resource.
  4. Select a Database or API data source to connect.

Create a new resourceCreate a new resource

A data source may have specific setup requirements, such as allowed IPs or required keys. Where necessary, we document these requirements. Refer to our documentation when configuring your resource. If you need to make changes with your data source, refer to their documentation for more information and guidance.


You can organize resources into folders so they're easier to find.

What’s Next

Learn more about connecting your data with Retool.

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