Retool Workflows limits, billing, and usage monitoring

Learn about Retool Workflows timeouts, rate limiting, and billing.


Retool limits the amount of time a workflow takes to run, the memory it uses, and the rate and frequency at which it runs.

Timeouts and memory

Query blocks have a maximum timeout of two minutes, and entire workflows time out after ten minutes in total. If your use case requires extended timeout periods, reach out so we can best support you.

The workflows executor can hold up to 258MB in memory. The more data a workflow query requests, the longer it can take for the resource to complete the operation. Where possible, write queries that return only the results that the workflow needs (e.g., use pagination in APIs or include WHERE clauses in SQL queries). Based on your requirements, it may also make sense to build separate workflows to perform specific tasks instead of a single workflow that performs them together.

Rate and frequency

Workflows are rate-limited and have a minimum interval of one minute. You cannot trigger a workflow to run more frequently than this. Each workflow must also complete a run (whether successful or not) before it can be run again. For example, if a workflow takes two minutes to complete, it can only be triggered every two minutes.

To reduce the amount of interactions workflows have with your data source and reduce operational costs, make sure your workflows only trigger when they need to run.


The billable unit for workflows is data throughput, which is charged on monthly consumption at the organization level.

Data throughput is the total volume of inputs and outputs from a single workflow—how much data you’re reading from and writing to. For example, if you query a 50 MB database and write back 5 MB, your throughput for that run would be 55 MB.

All Retool plans include 1 GB per organization per month of data throughput at no additional cost. Depending on your plan, there are different limits on the amount of data you can automate in workflows beyond the included 1 GB limit.

Free plans

Organizations on Free plans are limited to 1 GB of workflows data per month. Retool notifies your organization's creator when you reach 80% of your data limit, and again when you reach your full data limit. Workflows pause after reaching this limit. Workflows resume and data usage resets at the start of the next billing cycle, or if you upgrade to a paid plan.

Paid plans and overages

For Team and Business plans, workflows usage beyond the included 1 GB per month is charged based on the amount of additional data used. View pricing for overages in Settings > Billing. Retool notifies your organization's creator when you reach 80% of your data limit, and again when you reach your full data limit. Usage scales automatically, and you do not need to make any manual changes to keep enabled workflows running when overages start. Usage resets at the start of your billing cycle.

For Enterprise pricing, reach out to our sales team.

Monitoring usage

Data throughput limits are based on your billing cycle. At the top of the Workflows page, you can monitor the throughput used, total workflow runs, and active workflows across your current usage period.

Workflows usage example

You can view the data consumed by an individual workflow in the Run History tab of the Workflows editor.

Workflows Run History tab