Source Control - With Github


This feature requires Retool version 2.69.17 or greater.

Protected applications allow organizations to manage changes to their Retool applications using GitHub pull requests. Instead of making changes directly to an application, changes are made on a separate branch. Once changes are ready to review, they're committed and pushed to GitHub, where the author can open up a pull request against the protected branch.

Once code review is complete and you merge the changes into the main branch, your Retool instance pulls in the changes from the main branch and updates the application.


Protected applications are only available when running the Enterprise version of Retool on-premise. You can get in touch with sales to set up a trial here.

Protected applications were designed specifically to work with GitHub's protected branches. They’re best suited for your most critical Retool applications where breakages cost your team valuable time and effort.


  • Branch-based workflow
    • Say goodbye to accidental changes and broken applications. All changes to protected applications start on a branch first. Changes are reviewed via pull requests. Reviewers can easily test out the changes before merging them in.
  • Native GitHub support
    • Protected applications integrate directly with the GitHub API. Branches and commits are pushed directly to your repository. Access is controlled using a GitHub application, so Retool only need access to a single repository, not your entire organization.
  • Multi-file applications
    • Instead of a single large YAML file, applications are now split into components, each with their own YAML file. This split makes code reviews a breeze and prevents most merge conflicts.

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