Source Control

Manage changes to Retool apps using SCM providers like GitHub and GitLab.


Source Control is only available to Enterprise users running Self-hosted Retool. You can book a demo with our Sales team to learn more about running Retool on-premise.

Source Control allows organizations to manage changes to their Retool applications using pull requests on remote source control management (SCM) providers, such as GitHub, GitLab, AWS CodeCommit, and Bitbucket. Instead of making changes directly to an application, changes are made on a separate branch.

Once changes are ready to review, they're committed and pushed to a remote SCM provider, where the author can open up a pull request against the protected branch. When code review is complete and you merge the changes into the main branch, your Retool instance(s) pull in the changes from the main branch and update the application.

Source Control is best suited for critical Retool applications in need of additional redundancy. This can help avoid breakages that cost your team time and effort.


  • Branch-based workflow: All changes to apps under Source Control start on a branch first. Changes are reviewed through pull requests and reviewers can test out the changes before merging them in. This process prevents accidental changes and broken applications.
  • Multi-file applications: Instead of a single large YAML file, applications are split into components, each with their own YAML file. This split simplifies code reviews and prevents most merge conflicts.
  • Native API support: Source Control integrates directly with the remote SCM provider's API. Branches and commits are pushed directly to your repository. Retool uses API authentication strategies that only need access to a single repository, not your entire organization.

Supported providers and requirements

Each SCM provider for Source Control has minimum version requirements on the version of Retool that is supported. You must be running a version of Retool that meets the provider's requirement.

ProviderRetool version
GitHub Enterprise2.69.17
GitLab (Cloud)2.87.11
GitLab (Self-managed)2.87.11
AWS CodeCommit2.102.3

Recommended resource allocation

For source control deployment to run smoothly, you should configure at least the following resources for your jobs runner container.


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