Updating Retool On-Premise

How to Update Retool

See our new Guide to Updating Retool On-premise for full instructions.

Retool Release Process

We release a new version of on-premise Retool every two weeks. In most cases, we recommend that you point your Dockerfile to a specific release version (X.Y.Z), rather than a tag name.


Avoid downgrading to a lower version

Downgrading can cause unpredictable issues due to database migrations that were run during your previous Retool upgrades.

Before you start using one of the below named tags, check which numbered version of Retool you're currently running. Then make sure that the named tag you want to use is pointing to a version that is ahead of your current version.

You can check your current Retool version from the dashboard of your Retool account by clicking on the ? menu in the bottom right corner. You can check the version number that the named tag points in the section below.







Release notes



Release notes



Release notes

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Updating Retool On-Premise

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