Mobile Container

Group components in a container.

A container to group other mobile components together. It supports a row layout to display nested mobile components horizontally.



Available properties for Mobile Container. You can write JavaScript almost anywhere in Retool to manipulate or read information about components.

align 'flex-start' │ 'center' │ 'flex-end'

The vertical alignment of nested components when layout is set to row.

cornerType 'square' │ 'round' │ 'circle'

The corner style of the image.

gap '0' │ '4' │ '8' │ 12' │ '16' │ '24' │ 32' │ '48' │ '64' │ '128' │ '256'

Gap between nested components.

id string

The name of the component.

justify 'flex-start' │ 'center' │ 'flex-end' │ 'space-between'

The justified alignment of nested components with fixed widths.

layout 'row' │ 'column'

The layout of nested components, either row (horizontally) or column (vertically).

padding object[]

The horizontal and vertical padding applied to the component.

pluginType string

The component type.

width 'full' │ 'fixed'

Whether the component's width is full or fixed.