Mobile Custom Collection

Display items in a custom layout.

A customized list of options to select an individual value. It renders each item from an array of data using a custom-built row of components.

Custom Collection


Available properties for Mobile Custom Collection. You can write JavaScript almost anywhere in Retool to manipulate or read information about components.

cardStyle 'flat' | 'elevated'

Whether the card style is flat or elevated.

data object[]

The source data that is rendered by the component.

gap '0' │ '4' │ '8' │ 12' │ '16' │ '24' │ 32' │ '48' │ '64' │ '128' │ '256'

The gap between nested components.

id string

The name of the component.

instances number

The number of item instances.

padding object[]

The horizontal and vertical padding applied to the component.

pluginType string

The component type.

selectedIndex number | null

The index of the currently selected value.

selectedItem unknown

The currently selected item.

showSeparator boolean

If true, show a separator between items.