Mobile Date Picker

Select or enter a date and time.

A combination select and input field to select a date from a popup or directly enter it as a text value.

Date Picker


Available properties for Mobile Date Picker. You can write JavaScript almost anywhere in Retool to manipulate or read information about components.

customValidation string

A JavaScript conditional statement for custom validation logic. If customValidation evaluates to a string, validation fails and it is rendered as the the error message. An empty or nullish value is treated as valid input.

disabled boolean

If true, the component will be greyed out and non-interactive, and the value cannot be modified.

displayTimeZone string

The UTC offset with which to display value in the input field. local determines the UTC offset from the time zone reported by the user's browser.

formDataKey string

When inside a Form, this key is used to pull the default value from form.initialData and construct the property.

hideValidationMessage boolean

If true, no message will be displayed when the value is invalid

id string

The name of the component.

invalid boolean

Whether the current value has failed validation rules.

label string

A text label for the input.

labelCaption string

The additional text to display with the label.

manageTimeZone boolean

If true, display and output the value in the time zones specific in displayTimeZone and valueTimeZone, respectively

mode 'date' │ 'datetime'

The date format for the input. Use datetime to allow date and time values.

placeholder string

The text to display when no value is set.

pluginType string

The component type.

required boolean

If true, a value must be provided to be valid.

validationMessage string

The message to be rendered when the input is invalid.

value (string │ number │ boolean │ null │ undefined)

The value of the component.

valueTimeZone string

The UTC offset for value. local determines the UTC offset from the time zone reported by the user's browser.