Mobile Key Value

Display key-value pairs.

A two-column table to display rows of key-value pairs with an optional header. It supports mapped values and custom titles.

Key Value


Available properties for Mobile Key Value. You can write JavaScript almost anywhere in Retool to manipulate or read information about components.

allowTextWrapping boolean

Whether text wraps to multiple lines.

data object[]

The source data that is rendered by the component.

direction 'horizontal' | 'vertical

The layout direction.

header string

The text to display as a header.

id string

The name of the component.

pluginType string

The component type.

rowVisibility boolean

Whether the specified key-value pair is visible.

showSeparator boolean

Whether to render a separator between items.

valueHorizontalAlignment 'left' | 'right'

The vertical alignment of key-value pairs. Only available when direction is horizontal.

valueWidth '25%' │ '50%' │ '75%'

The vertical width of the Key column. Only available when direction is horizontal.