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SCIM 2.0 API reference

Retool implements a subset of the SCIM 2.0 REST API that is required to work with IDP vendors like Okta. If required, it's also possible to use these APIs directly to have your own custom user and role management system.

Base URL


The SCIM 2.0 API uses Bearer (token) authentication. You must provide your Retool API token with all API requests. See the SCIM user provisioning guide to learn how to create a token.

Example request
curl  'http://localhost:3000/api/scim/v2/Users?filter=userName%20eq%20""'
-H 'Authorization: Bearer YourAPIToken'


The SCIM 2.0 API does not support pagination, and it ignores pagination parameters such as count and startIndex.

API resources

Learn how to perform API requests to manage SCIM groups and users.