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Retool Workflows

Build, schedule, and monitor your jobs, alerts, and ETL tasks.

Retool Workflows enables you to build complex automations that interact with your data sources. A workflow chains together pre-built blocks of SQL and JavaScript that can query and transform data, perform API requests, and run additional logic.

Get started

Watch the video, follow the quickstart, or learn with a complete tutorial to build your first web app.

Connect data sources

Connect to nearly any API and database, or store data in a Retool-hosted PostgreSQL database.

Assemble blocks

Chain together pre-built blocks that can query data sources, execute JavaScript and Python code, interact with AI, and perform conditional logic.

Run workflows automatically

Deploy workflows that run at a regular schedule or trigger them with webhooks to keep up with changes in real time.

Manage workflows

Explore run history and log, control access, configure error handling to prevent failures, and debug each step with built-in tools.

Deploy Self-hosted Retool with Workflows

Deploying Self-hosted Retool to build apps and workflows in your own infrastructure.