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Configure Sign in with Google

Learn how to configure Sign in with Google for SSO on self-hosted deployments.

You can configure SSO using the Sign in with Google following this guide. This guide applies to Retool Cloud and self-hosted deployments.


Follow this guide to configure Sign-in with Google. Refer to the Google SSO with OpenID Connect guide to configure Google SSO using OIDC.

1. Configure Google OAuth client

If you are prompted to configure a consent screen, select Internal as the User type.

Click Create Credentials > OAuth client ID to create a Google OAuth client. Use the following settings if you have a custom domain set on your organization.

Setting nameSetting values
Application typeWeb application
Authorized JavaScript originshttps://<your_base_domain>.com
Authorized redirect URIshttps://<your_base_domain>.com/oauth/oauthcallback
https://<your_base_domain>.com/oauth/oauthcallback/mobile (for Retool Mobile only)

If you are using Retool Cloud, you must also set the following authorized redirect URIs to enable Sign-in with Google:


2. Update settings in Retool

Click on your new OAuth application in the Credentials tab, and copy the Client ID and Client secret.

Visit Settings > Custom SSO, select Google SSO, and add your Client ID and Client Secret.