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Learn more about branding options in Retool.

Build a customer portal

Retool Portals is in beta and only available on Business and Enterprise plans. You can sign up or book a demo with Retool to learn more.

Embed a web app with Retool Embed

Retool Embed allows you to authenticate users–internal or external to your company–into embedded Retool apps. Not much changes in how you build your apps, but you need to complete a few steps to embed your apps for external use:

White-labeled customer portals with Retool Portals

Retool Portals lets you whitelabel the Retool experience so that your end users–be it customers, vendors, or partners–don't know they're using Retool. This means Retool manages everything from user email invitations, to signup, permissions, the app experience, and more. You can also upload your logo and customize the look and feel of Retool to match your company brand.