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Custom product pages

Luke Wright
Software Engineer

Custom product pages allow organizations on the Business plan and above to replace Retool's login, reset password, signup, and invitation claims pages with custom Retool web apps.

This feature is currently an early access beta. Contact your account manager or reach out to request access.

Custom product page demo

Split Pane frame

Ashwin Nathan
Mobile Engineer

We're excited to announce Split Panes, the newest member of Frames. This layout pattern allows users to create a resizable and scrollable frame, with a custom width, alongside the main canvas. You can add a Split Pane frame from the Frames section, or drag it onto the canvas from the Component Tree.

Split Pane is rolling out on Retool Cloud this week.

Add new rows to the Table component

Darya Verzhbinsky
Software Engineer

The new Add new row Toolbar action makes it possible to input values directly into the Table component. New rows are added to the table's changeset to save. Adding rows directly to a table provides an alternative method to using a separate Form component and input fields.

App linting and performance debugging tools

The new Linting and Performance tools, available within Debug Tools in the App IDE, provide additional methods for debugging and optimizing apps.


Identify queries, code, and components that may affect app performance.


View statistics related to app performance along with an overall performance score. This is a useful tool for measuring how changes affect an app's performance and provides guidance on how to optimize it further.