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Phone Number Input component

The Phone Number Input component for web apps is now available. It automatically formats phone numbers, includes a country selector with international dialing code, and can perform validation based on the selected country. The default country is derived from the user's IP address.

New version of the Key Value component

A new version of the Key Value component for web apps is now available. It contains a number of improvements over the previous component:

  • Automatically reflects changes whenever the data source changes.
  • Added support for event handlers.
  • Various styling improvements.

Retool organization users on the Business or Enterprise plan will soon have the option to apply custom themes on a per-app basis. Previously, app themes were only available globally and required administator access. App-level themes apply only to the current app. If your organization does not have access to org-level themes, you will still be able to set a custom app theme.

App-level themes

We're also adding some expanded typography settings. You will be able to set custom typefaces and font sizes. Not all custom typefaces may work with the line heights used in Retool apps (generally 1em-1.5em).

Typography controls

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Code search: Find code anywhere in your app

You can now search for all code within a Retool app, from resource queries and component properties to preloaded JavaScript and CSS. Code search can instantly search for case or exact word matches, and supports regular expressions for fine-tuned searches.

Visual refresh of the component library

A visually refreshed component library is currently available as an opt-in beta for cloud-hosted organizations. It contains minor style changes to many components, such as:

  • An updated color palette.
  • Changes to the active and hover state appearance for buttons and inputs.
  • Removing borders on input attachments and buttons.
  • Fixing inconsistencies with component spacing, font weight, border radius, etc.
  • A new look for the Tab and Navigation components.

Any style overrides you've made will still be retained.

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