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Custom product pages

Luke Wright
Software Engineer

Custom product pages allow organizations on the Business plan and above to replace Retool's login, reset password, signup, and invitation claims pages with custom Retool web apps.

This feature is currently an early access beta. Contact your account manager or reach out to request access.

Custom product page demo

Improvements to the Loop block for Retool Workflows now in beta

Andrei Savin
Software Engineer

We are excited to announce improvements to the loop blocks are now available in beta both Cloud and self-hosted deployments, versions 3.42 or later. If you'd like to participate in the beta, complete this form to request access.

Once enabled, any new Loop blocks added to workflows will use Loop block v2. Existing Loop blocks will continue to function as before.

Iteration-level timeout

Loop block v2 allows timeouts of up to 30 seconds per iteration when executing the entire workflow.

Execution modes and delays

Loop block v2 supports parallel, sequential, and batched execution modes with iteration delays.

Improved iteration-level error handling and metadata

It is now possible to ignore iteration errors so that subsequent iterations can still run. In addition, metadata for each iteration is now exposed and accessible in subsequent blocks.

Visual refresh of the component library

A visually refreshed component library is currently available as an opt-in beta for cloud-hosted organizations. It contains minor style changes to many components, such as:

  • An updated color palette.
  • Changes to the active and hover state appearance for buttons and inputs.
  • Removing borders on input attachments and buttons.
  • Fixing inconsistencies with component spacing, font weight, border radius, etc.
  • A new look for the Tab and Navigation components.

Any style overrides you've made will still be retained.

Click Get started and leave a comment to request access.