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Display tables using Markdown

Learn how to build tables in Retool Mobile apps using Text components with Markdown support.

Retool Mobile supports advanced formatting by using Markdown within a Text component. While Retool Mobile doesn't have a table component, you can display tabular data using Markdown tables.

Basic table formatting

Tables can be displayed with Markdown using pipe and dash symbols, for example:

| Month    | Revenue |
| -------- | ------- |
| January | $1000 |
| February | $1200 |
| March | $1800 |

The above Markdown renders as a table.


Format repeatable data

Data returned from a resource query can also be rendered in a table by dynamically building the Markdown. For example, you might have a resource query named query1 which returns the following array.

"month": "January",
"revenue": 1000
"month": "February",
"revenue": 1200
"month": "March",
"revenue": 1800

In the Text component's Value field, the following would render the same table.

| Month    | Revenue |
| -------- | ------- |
{{ => `| ${item.month} | $${item.revenue} |`).join('\n')}}

This code uses the map() method of the array instance to iterate over each object in the array and format it into a string in the correct Markdown format. It then joins the new array of strings into a single string using .join('\n'). The same approach could be used in a transformer.