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Learn more about branding options in Retool.

Available on:Business planEnterprise plan

You can use branding to customize headers, sign up and login pages, email invites to users, the Retool user menu, and more. Navigate to your organization's Branding to configure.

Viewing branding settings

To switch to a different page or email, use the dropdown menu on the right.

Selecting a page

When customizing emails, to remove all references to Retool, you must enter a From name and a Reply-to address.

If you would like to provide support directly to your end-users, you can use the custom Intercom support feature. This allows you to bring your own Intercom Messenger client to Retool.

Once set, branding is visible to anyone using your organization's apps in user mode.


You must be on the Enterprise plan to hide the Retool user menu. Book a demo to learn more about Enterprise functionality for Retool Portals.