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Query Stripe data

Learn how to interact with Stripe data.

You can connect to Stripe by creating a resource in Retool. Once complete, you can write app or workflow queries to interact with Stripe data.

You select the Operation for Stripe queries to determine what action the query performs, such as retrieving a list of customers or creating a refund.

Select an operation


Click Stripe docs to access Stripe's API documentation at any time.

Query operations are derived from the API request methods available in Stripe's API. When a query is run, Retool performs the API request using your Stripe API key. When you select an operation, the query editor displays the available settings for you to configure.

For example, the GET /v1/customers operation performs a GET request to retrieve a list of customers. You can provide values for attributes like email and limit to retrieve only the customers required.

Retrieve customer

If you use Stripe Connect, you can specify the account ID of a connected account with the Stripe-Account field.

Automatically paginate results

You can automatically paginate results by enabling Auto-paginate. This option fetches all paginated results without the need to perform server-side pagination.