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Configure Okta SAML SSO

Learn how to configure SSO using Okta SAML.

Available on:Enterprise plan

To configure Okta SAML SSO, you must:

  • Be in Admin mode in Okta.
  • Have group names that match exactly between Okta and SAML.
  • Have admin permissions in Retool.
  • For organizations on Retool Cloud, the ability to create a custom SAML application.


  1. In your Okta admin dashboard, click Add Application.
  2. Search for Retool and follow the wizard.
  3. Navigate to the Okta application you created. Click on the Sign On tab, then Actions > View IdP Metadata in the SAML Signing Certificates section.
  4. Save the page as an XML file. Consult Okta's documentation to confirm how to view the IdP metadata.
  5. Copy the contents of the XML file and log in to your Retool instance. Go to the Single-Sign On (SSO) > Custom SSO settings, select SAML SSO, and paste the XML file contents to the Identity Provider Metadata field.
  6. If not set already, assign your app to your user in Okta.