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Retool 2.66.14


  • Added support for Docker secrets in Retool's on-prem deployment

  • Added support for parsing group claims in the **Custom OAuth2 SSO integration. **

  • Added support for Google SSO in the **Custom OAuth2 SSO integration. **

  • Official Helm 3 chart for Retool available. Helm 2 charts are available here.

  • Added tools to debug the authentication flow for resources configured using **Custom Auth **

  • Redesigned the database schema browser

  • Changed REST API resources to allow for empty base URLs

Performance improvements

  • Transition speed between different apps greatly improved
  • Cleaned up some unnecessary libraries and code


  • Fixed issue where single-container on-prem deployments no longer supported SSH connections

  • Fixed issue where text would overflow in Button components when the label was too long

  • Fixed issue where the SAP Hana integration would unexpectedly hang

  • Fixed visual issue with Table headers when using themes

  • Fixed issue where the ReorderableList would not work with duplicate values

  • Fixed visual bugs of the Settings page on wider screens

  • Fixed custom dimensions support in our Google Analytics integration

  • Fixed visual bug when inviting additional users

  • Fixed issue where the staging / production toggle would still appear even when you had set the HIDE_PROD_AND_STAGING_TOGGLES environment variable to true