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Retool 2.86

This week, we've introduced one of our most commonly requested components, the Dropdown Button, so that you can easily display a list of actions for your users to choose from. Our new options list editor allows you to configure a short list of actions for your Dropdown Button in Manual mode, or a dynamically generated list (i.e. from a query or transformer) in Mapped mode.

In Manual mode, set additional properties like label and caption, as well as event handlers for each option. In the below example, when "Review" is clicked both the reviewOffer_ query and the **_notifyReview** query will be triggered:

In Mapped mode, you can set all of your Dropdown Button's properties using the special keyword item_ or index **_i **to reference each element in the dynamic list of options. When you're configuring event handlers, item_ _and **i** will also be in scope, so you can do things like run a specific query when a given option is selected:

Split button

We also introduced another component similar to Dropdown Button–Split Button! It allows your users to see the primary action first, but drop into additional actions if needed. Set it up just like you would the Dropdown Button, with all the same Manual/Mapped mode functionality, including event handlers:

As we continue to add to our component library, we want to hear from you–share any feedback on these new components, or other components you'd like to see in our community forum. If you have more questions about how these components work, check out the component directory for details about Dropdown Button and Split Button.

Fixes and improvements

  • Added clearValue and setValue JS API methods to the Cascader component
  • Added a keyboard shortcut– CMD + / (CTRL + /)–to toggle all components visible. It will also force "Maintain space when hidden" components to be fully visible.
  • Fixed the Confetti event handler to not block component state changes (e.g. Form submitting)
  • Added more granular control for the styles of the Steps component
  • Improved scroll behavior of the Tabs and Steps components when their widths are small
  • Fixed Table rows so that when scrolling, they will now resize properly between compact and standard height settings
  • Fixed nested Form components so that they submit correctly
  • Fixed Forms as they were incorrectly getting stuck in a submitting state after cancelling a query
  • Renamed the Toggle List component to Feature Flags since it's configured for feature flags by default
  • Fixed Form fields from validating before a user has provided any input
  • Fixed vertical centering of fallback text in Avatar and Avatar Group components
  • Fixed an erroneous error message when dragging a JSON Editor component out of a Container
  • Fixed disabled Radio and Segmented Control options so that they no longer appear selected
  • Improved error messages for code inputs where the value is optional
  • Fixed Button and Toggle Button components so that they can't overflow the component bounding box (blue box in editor mode)

Check out this guide to see the on-prem versions and their release notes. These fixes and improvements will be rolling out to on-prem customers in the next few weeks.