Push notifications

Learn how push notifications work in Retool Mobile.



Push notifications for Retool Mobile are currently in beta. Email [email protected] to request access.

Retool Cloud and Self-hosted organizations can send push notifications to Retool Mobile users. Push notifications are a built-in feature made available using the Retool Mobile app for iOS and Android.

Retool uses Amazon SNS to provide a centralized service for push notifications in Retool Mobile. This makes it possible for Retool organizations to send push notifications without any additional configuration or dependencies.


Push notifications are natively supported in the Retool Mobile app for iOS and Android.

The Mobile Push Notification resource

Retool makes push notifications available as a resource. This enables you to write queries that send push notifications using any Retool app or workflow. For instance, you could configure a webhook-triggered workflow to send a push notification if a PagerDuty incident is created or if the daily order volume in Stripe exceeds a particular threshold.


Retool uses topics to represent the scope for push notification recipients. There are two scopes available: USER and ALL_USERS. Users subscribed to push notifications are automatically added to both topics. You specify the topics when writing push notification queries.

Action type

The query's Action type determines what action to take in relation to push notifications.


Users must first subscribe to push notification topics. You add subscribe queries to mobile apps that run automatically when launched by a user. This adds the user to the USER and ALL_USERS topics. Only Retool Mobile apps can contain Subscribe queries. You notify individual users with USER:[email protected].


The Send action type sends push notifications. These queries use the specified topics to represent the recipients. For instance, ALL_USERS sends a push notification to all users. Send queries allow for multiple topics and you include user email addresses using the format USER:[email protected].