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Self-hosted Retool Edge releases

Changes and improvements for all Edge channel releases of Retool.

Releases on the Edge channel occur weekly. Each release occurs one week after the equivalent release for cloud-hosted Retool.

Edge releases are available for organizations that want the latest features or to use private beta functionality. Retool recommends most organizations use Stable releases unless you have a specific need for Edge releases and can keep your deployment up-to-date.

Retool supports only the most recent release on the Edge channel. As Edge releases are weekly, bug fixes and improvements are included in the next release. All previous releases are then considered deprecated.

Retool recommends you upgrade a deployment instance using releases from the same channel. For example, if you currently use a Stable release, upgrade to newer releases in the Stable channel.

Cross-channel upgrades can potentially result in a regression or loss of functionality. If you want to use a version of Retool from another channel, Retool recommends you deploy the release separately and then migrate your existing deployment.

Database migrations

The upgrade process may include database migrations that run once the deployment instance restarts. Your instance may take longer to start during this time.

Upgrade a legacy deployment

You can upgrade a deployment instance that currently uses a legacy release to a Stable or Edge release. Before doing so, determine which channel you want to use and then perform the upgrade. In general, Retool recommends using the Stable release channel.