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Retool APIBeta

Programmatically configure users and organizations with the Retool API.


The Retool API is currently in beta. Reach out to your Retool account team to get access.

The Retool API enables Retool admins to programmatically manage different aspects of their organization, such as:

  • Access control
    • Users
    • Groups
    • Permissions
    • SSO
  • Apps and themes
  • Resources and environments
  • Folders for apps, resources, and workflows
  • Spaces
  • Source Control

Retool also implements a subset of the SCIM 2.0 API. This adheres to the SCIM 2.0 Protocol that is used by identity providers (e.g., Okta) to automatically provision users and map groups.

While there is overlap between functionality in the Retool API and SCIM 2.0 API, use the Retool API for automating operations when possible.