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Embedded apps with Retool Embed

Retool Embed is a way to authenticate users–internal or external to your company–into embedded Retool apps within your existing web applications. Retool's API lets you generate a secure, one-time use URL that you can embed anywhere to open a Retool application. When generating the URL, you can pass in additional context about the user–like membership status, account ID, location–and use it in your Retool apps to query data and control app behavior.

Use cases

Customers use Retool Embed when they need to add new features to their products faster while keeping data access secure. Building additional CRUD functionality, like forms, settings pages, or onboarding flows, can take weeks with only code, but takes far less time with Retool.

While you can embed Retool apps in several ways, Retool Embed lets you use any authentication solution to give users access to embedded apps. This means users don't have to go through Retool’s login flow. Instead, users log in through your product using your in-house solution (or with another mechanism like SMS, AWS Cognito, or Firebase), and seamlessly interact with data through embedded Retool apps. Your product's backend makes an API call to complete authentication with Retool, so the user doesn't have to go through Retool's login flow.

Retool Embed works with both Cloud and Self-hosted Retool.


An external user is priced at the same rate as an end user on the Team and Business plans. However, usage for external use cases varies and the default pricing might not work for everyone. If you're pre-product or have hundreds of thousands of users, talk to our team to learn more.